Matthew Reid's Distorted Delusion

by Matthew Reid

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Life feels unreal. It hides certain secrets and entities that should be exposed to the public. At times we, as a society, try our hardest to calmly grasp a feel of whats going on. Everyday, something unimaginable happens that makes us question, "really?".

Matthew Reid's Distorted Delusion explores these themes. It takes the conversation of, "what is life?" and expands upon that dumbfounding question. This project is not to be listened too with judgmental and condescending ears. May you, possibly, receive the answer of what to do when coming across a person who is introverted and shy.



released May 20, 2014

Released: May 20, 2014
Recorded: Aug, 2013- Apr. 2014; At "The Domain" (Houston, TX); "The Trap House" (Atascocita, TX)
Genre: Alternative Hip Hop, Houston Hip Hop
Label: PWE
Producer: Matthew Reid, Evan Turner, Dylan Graham, AP, YB Muzik, No Mass, FLLPN Beats



all rights reserved


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Matthew Reid Houston, Texas

Matthew Reid is from Houston, Texas.

His influences include: Kurt Cobain, Notorious Big, Eminem, and Common.

Favorite Artist(s): Best Coast, Crystal Castles, Salem, (Any Rapper Who's Progressing Hip- Hop, or making quality material
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Track Name: Life With No Care
Well, I was born to do something, do math Good Will Huntin
labels mad they keep on grunting, keep on smokin thats why we munchin.
With the bullshit in my life it makes it hard for me to funtionc,
the hours keep on punchin A&R's meeting luncheon.
"Matthew we like your stuff, but your too honest need some fluff,
But we can make you very rich so whatta expect outta us"?
I go back to a war zone, video hits with the promos,
Dude on his "Worst Behavior" Grammy for Houston now he's the savior?
Kill 'em with his rhmes, now he's the rap slayer,
unite the METRO lines he needs to run for mayor
Another classic album, you know its not fair,
show all my weird side man homeboy thats the dare
Live your life with no care, next day a payment due,
you've got twenty fucking hours so you assume that you are screwed.
You pay your heavy bills in two, its still Matthew twenty two,
next year its twenty three will he live out his fucking dream?

Celebration everyday as we eat that Krista cake,
Live life with no care, im too ugly so please dont stare. x3
Just let it blow x3

I find myself in some shit everyday im getting fixed,
everyday its getting lit, another sticky another hit.
Man i;ve got so many problems watch me go and make a list,
well my ex-wife's gone having someone elses kid.
Plus my albums really hot, but the people miss the vision,
"Is that the same bitch that you swear that you we're kissin?"
You stay dissin these niggas be hittin, the eyes be switichin
while the mind be twitchin, fall through the floor.
I recall this certain time when this girl came by my door,
she knocked two time let her in the door closed.
She let off her clothes, started to pet my cute cat,
and plus on top of my lap almost made my neck snap.
And then she saw the art saying "What the fuck is that?"
and then the book opens, "You didn't tell me that you rap".
It's so superficial, a safe place is what i lack,
wanna pack all the shit, get high and dont look back.
Track Name: Matthew Reid. - Money Bag Eyes
Now you's a damn slave, and we all stand proud,
We all work hard, keep quiet don't make a sound.
We're here everyday, and we feel we're gonna drown,
Plus I know the way out but that route was never found.

Slaves, man we do what we do,
strive real hard cause the bills be due,
i'd rather pay my loan then eat some food.
If you feel that shit, then you feel this too.
All black goons but they dont wear suits,
riding bikes and graffiti clues
Undertones these people sprew
the people mad they hate to lose.
So they argue shit that is never true,
and spread the news like the local news
Local news i mean they locco too,
she starts to cry and the food is free.
But as she leave man i see those teeth,
that starts to shine cause she smiling.
God damn temptation to rectify this bitch,
plus im heated now and yes im pissed.
Yes i need to breath, so lets smoke this bowl,
you came in tonight? i thought you had a cold.
That action right there was bold
but i brought the wrong food but the people just scold.
get pissed off with the napkin fold,
and the people mad laugh because they just saw gold
Now move your feet slave you'll eat this damn coal,
Now more your feet slave your innocence we stole.
And make it to a problem that we put unto others,
and we know where she stay, and we know that you love her.

I was off yesterday, so i slept in till five,
when i woke up i was high, but there was a sadness in my eye.
It's my only day off, and i spent here inside,
while my stupid fucking friends went to see the concert high?
I miss everything i should move inside my job,
move my bed into the kitchen, scrubbing pots and doing dishes.
My feet they really ache and i thought i threw my back,
and plus on top of that and my left arm i think it snapped.
These drugs the make me happy, but my enzymes losing grasp,
of the control in the motion, liver floating through the ocean.
If you take this pill, it feel just like some potion,
you'll put your shades on , feel great and then start lokin.
Track Name: Orange Leaves
Okay now Matthew spit this flow and Matthew get this doe,
your conscience is the door, that will help you see your goal x3

Okay now here's a god damn story when i was fucked up in the brain,
I was blowing hella dank man burning weight and sniffing cake.
Thats when i saw what happened, didn't know that i was reactin,
my conscience i was just lackin, that's why she keeps on snappin.
I wanted to find out, why you keep on frowning mouth,
everytime we pass each other, my voice it won't come out.
Its too scared unprepared, for the reaction and the stare,
man we're both too hard but deep down we really care.

Now if it's one thing that i hate i hate when you say my name,
asking questions im too private, shut your mouth you need to try it.
Cant enjoy the rewards working hard at a job,
liquor spilling as you sob, drown yourself in that pond.
I got my fucking check but the rent is up my fucking neck,
keeping track of my step knowing where i'll go next.
Man she cant forget the dumb ass missteps,
i was young and ambitious, my future i would live it.
Still tangled in my dreadlocks each one they got a problem,
plus i've got two fucking vines that i really fucking like.
This one fucking vine, god damn that vine is fine,
always laughing all the time, your eyes low we know your high.
But then this new vine we'll she helps me all the time,
plus that vine is really tight, i would touch it every night.
But now we're fucking stuck, and plus i wanna give up,
Matthew Reid, the president of the 27 club. uh.
Track Name: Thursday's
Growin in the gut, my people have it rough
my people have it tough

Uh, dont complain about your millions, man A$AP with villians,
man this is for civilians..
Who's on the other end money broke dont ever spend,
whos eating Ducelin, blasting Snoop and "Juice and Gin".
They say that chicks a 9 but you think that shes a 10,
so you approach and begin, state your data and suspend.
Your name just like harness, that makes it loose my friend,
but your pockets really hollow stupid loans, i need to mend.
I wanna get your number but i broke my fucking phone,
my potentials soaring high flying with Obama's drones.
I see you like my shit and you wanna steal my clothes,
plus my eyes are blood shot red so i suppose that i am stoned.
Rice Village costs a lot, so i think that i wont go,
hey, im fucking broke but thats a step above 'po.
But can we wrap this up? Texans game on at 4,
man i wont let this stop me, i guarantee for sure.

Got paid today, guess that means we'll eat good,
The corner store up in the hood, it would rob me if it could.
Cause im there everyday the fucking clerk saying hey,
"Ima get your ass a bag, do you always pay in change?"
just like Matt Schaub and those picks, and those picks,
everyday im getting sick, i have all the talent but chance i let it slip.
It dips into the grip of another worthy kid,
man he shares the same ideas, his dj name is Syd.
Your shoes are getting holely, embarrassing on dates,
but you say that its the fashion, and its all the new rave.
"Do you blast Matthew Reid?" hell yeah bitch man he's my fave,
known 'em since the twelfth grade, when he jammed Lupe.
He'd always have some rap, and he'd draw on top his page,
always chill, always tight, had no problems getting paid.
Your highs coming down, so your back to that mistake,
man everything fades away, man saving grace is still so lame.
Track Name: Lonerism
Ride this wave that we're on, delusional with his song,
rolling stuff cheech and chong, prove your point until your wrong.
My emotions outta wack cause me to speak feelings leak,
this disease it sucks the stream, thats stuck inside the same iv.
I'm alone in this country, here's my birth certificate,
Donald Trump's throwing fits, my album gets another spin.
There's who now listen for that im not mad,
but they all seem to lack my ideas they cant grasp.
My mind's twitching one way, my thoughts twerking this way,
we're dancing on this big stage, Drake watch me misbehave.
You get it? you seem man thats my dry humor,
i'm still a dumb loser, flick off to the consumer.
We're floating here in space, this interviews not my taste,
I just wanna leave now, the reporter she will just skowl.
Mr. Reid, you're so cool, but you to need to change now,
tell us all you're life story, and we'll raise our eyebrows.

Well, i went to school, in Olympia,
And everybody there, they were hanging out in gangs.
They were hanging out in gangs. x2

Well, i just wanna float away with Jose, and blow some dank,
Denver city it feels great, 2 ounces dude, if I may.
Im getting to that point where i no longer just pay,
where everything fades away, this is wrong but it feels great.
A stupid fucking critic called me "The White KEndrick Lamar",
so i stabbed him from afar, robbed his keys and stole his car.
Like a black Jafar, she texting late a bar,
love fights you see the call, now cuss you out, you make the call.
Now with the way these niggas pay, throwing shit up in their face,
cause the pay to change the rate, new president first term mistake.
A little bit salty plus your crispy, bag of lays,
my brain is split and doing wavves, been dazed for twelve days.
Go out my way to say bye, when i leave you just supply,
all the negative divide, thats why you stare when i pass by.
Then you pull out last night, hit me up i dont reply,
Once again i pass by, mesmorized the pain in eyes.

This is the way, that the raindrops will play,
they're hanging outside cause they have no other place x2
Track Name: Crazy Little Space
Well i've backed into this corner, need my mental place,
but that place is never safe, so here's my crazy little space.

I can see the scrunity, people be hating in their eyes,
niggas be hating with those lies, i dont believe i cant comply.
Man you throw a stupid pick, then it's hate you hope you die,
but they forget last year when you were the man control your life.
And with the lights on, cameras all up in your face,
need to go and get away with your crazy little space.
The mistakes you cant replace, but its the glory that you chase,
cause once youll get your space, they'll be happy and be amazed.

They don't believe in privacy, it's my weird mind that see,
not ready for the attention, my raps put me in contention.
I just wanna make a living have a condo by a park,
but i cant get away because these people think they're smart.
Id rather be alone, and stay locked up in my home,
be myself man i feel great, man i repeat man i feel great.
But as of yesterday all these people wanna know,
what the hell is in my brain, and what the fuck is on the low.
Man we like your whole style tell me whered u you get it at,
we wanna fabricate it, give you back a thousand stack.
man hurdle like a running back, man your to slow to pass the class,
make em miss and make em laugh, make em fall and fall flat. Crazy Little Space.

Well the cameras always on, you've been going very strong,
two rights they make a left, and then you go and make a wrong,
crazy little space.
Track Name: Ain't No Thang (The TH)
Ayo, good morning, that window, we're smoking just that endo,
thats making all the wind slow, im sticking in her penhole.
Im yawning and high, the misses thinks im bi,
i send someone my heart, a bullets her reply.
My demons going crazy, only thinking that im lazy,
as the women try to faze me, claiming that they wanna raise me.
I hit em with a stale face, watch her as she told me,
as she blasting out the oldies, as she's burning Macaroni,
Grill, i crush my pill, eating watching King of The Hill,
Bobbi's choking as he spills man Orange Juice unto his meal.
I feel the sensation, she's liking vibration,
hanging at the station, smoking all the Jamaican,
blunts she thinks she stuck, cause she sucked a happy knut,
made her hormones go nuts, help her grow her little butt.
The bitch is getting pregnant, no way can she help it,
no way can she sell it, this hook man she felt it.

"Aint no thang but a chicken waaannng,
we havin a smoke out at the TH niggas blowing daaannk."
It's just the pimps, niggas, whos squeezing out they trigga,
it's all about the mutha fucking 'ses, its the point. x2

I have this red head who's checkin, im wood peckin,
man country girls and Stetsons, man Dallas Texas always flexin.
Everynight we always fight but shes holding out a light,
holding hands and drinking Sprite, pissing test and baby fright.
Canadian chicks hatch eggs and just lift,
doing back flips as they dip, man blasting Drake and sucking dick.
I love my whores, who's fucking stranger then The Door's,
man Edie Sedgewick crawling floors, man kitty cat, man lions roar.
We do it in the bed room, we do it in bathroom,
we do it like we have to, i smack her and i grab too.
Like Taylor Swift met Andre, 3000 and the heart ache,
the child's what they offerin', she's caramel and cocaine.
Kirko Bangz ladies bang, player status no mistake,
i see you hold your thang, reppin "H" man everyday.
Yeah, you know my beard is turning Harden,
we Rocket's just so starvin, Toyota Center see us larkin.
Let's drive to "The Height's" see the hipster status like,
blast my music think im tight, blast my album autumn nights.

So i went to this party that this fine braud threw,
kept on starring at my hair, saw my face became confuse.
Her feelings are unkept, and no they're just fused,
and everytime we pass each other you get all mad loose.
Now that's my fucking problem? Or thats you're dumb agenda?
to have all your men in your fucking court, yeah.
They all pull straws, you get the one that's really short,
you spill your fork, you stupid dork, that white stuff you always snort.
And then comes some dude, you think i really co'ol,
you lock em in your room you suck em up, you vacuum.
But hey im not mad, man you did your own thing,
and you told that mutha fucka that it "Aint no thang".
Track Name: Alter Ego's
This is my alter ego's: everybody's got one, ima MC with a gun and we about to have some fun.
Hey you think you're feeling great? watch me go and get a blade and slice open your fucking face.
Now open up your brain.

If i was even more construed, then i would probably be sane,
what the hell is his name? that dumb kid that raps on stage.
"Man his clothes are fucking hot and i wanna fuck his brains,
but i'll play a stupid game, where i just let him slip away."
You're faded. And somehow bitch man we naked,
but I look disgusting, the rhymes they always cussing.
My alter ego's crazy, what the fuck should i do?,
should i get this fucking screw and cut open my head loose?

I dont even like life, I just wanna fly kites,
the imaginations still alive, oh my god ima die.
When i look back at life, oh my god i was wack,
i was tall black fat, too ugly to even rap.
Still got low self-esteem, when will this pain go away?
hey yall see that white door? it will help us float away,
middle school came had these braces on the face,
became awkward plus those glasses weren't tight.
And i remember. And i think i realized,
that being fucking me, will help me see the rise.
We continue the drive, if you support man thats tight,
but i feel that one day i will just die.
And they'll stare at the masses, and ask why?
what could we have done? maybe leave his ass alone.
Everything is getting wet, because the masses start to cry,
plus theres no way you deny, my alter ego's depressive side.

Here's the honest truth. I wanna be great,
I put too much fucking pressure on my fucking brain.
And im all alone now. My friends they're all gone.
My family hates me. I miss my pretty mom.
And i have a bad addiction and it involves a bong,
and it might be bad, but it helps me write my song.
Plus i really don't care, you can all just stare,
I think my art sucks and its not worth a care. Truth.
Track Name: Another White Day
It's another white day, now where is the page?
we know your okay, now Matthew just let it play

I'm getting close to that limit, cant take it no more,
its my mutha fucking life, more hectic then Jersey Shore.
Just because i'ma little poor, won't mean i won't adore,
every single detail that you're hanging by my door.
"I wanna go and die!" yeah you've heard it before,
but this time is different because i don't hear the snore.
A nigga like me he might blow out his teeth,
everything begins to bleed, it's the light that i see.
I'm getting really close cause my conscience you just see,
is turning everything to another blank dream.
And with that blank dream, its inception that i mean,
plus i hate being sober, get me closer to that green.

My friends think i died, they took it to Twitter,
Mike was pissed off, so he threw out the box.
Inflamed the bed and then changed the locks,
plus he hates on the music, hates the dreadlocks.
Katy's Ole Miss, as we're shooting no miss,
PS3 is the sitch, if you lose then your dissed.
The emotions of a man, to shy to understand,
why his own best friend is his own backhand.
My sleep patterns weird, 3:30 and i cant steer,
pushing hard on a pedal with a huge creeping fear.
Im backed in this corner and i wanna get out,
and i still got some damage from fighting the White House.
Track Name: Eye's Low; Tounge Out
Now usually im introverted, my feelings stay low,
my emotions don't show, i feel you never know.
But you brought out that spark, that air'd out my brain fart,
the lonely nights, it equals dark, smoking a bowl up in the park.
Your a long ways away the you flirt drive me cray,
leave me dumb, don't know, can't say, you smell good, airspray.
I've been trapped in a bubble, a bubble that never pops,
it just floats and never rocks, i get lost and then it stops.
She found some crazy way to fucking go and penetrate,
and slip her way and get cozy inside the damn bubble.
Your eyes always low, and your tounges sticking out,
and there's smoke coming out, and then we fucking figure out.
That you wanna get down, so we both single out,
a rinkie-dink house, where we go and get down.
And we walk inside and you act so surprised,
and we see those glowing eyes they get bright at the sight.

Tuesday's are busy, i'm working on my craft,
studio time hear the raps, then you call wake up the nap.
i get lost and distract, that smile just makes me just laugh,
your hair it's the fad, you brought food that was rad.
Let's hit Pensacola, tattoo's on boardwalk,
King Of The Beach, take acid in our balloon.
And float, and fucking go and get away,
where everything fades away, you don't wanna escape.
And you always feel great, and then comes that seed,
Delusional huh? yet somehow you still believe.
But then your mad, and you wanna get pissed,
stare at me throwing fits, ball you hand swing your fists.
You talk real loud and you move those lips,
singing grace it is heard, pretty much your my bird.
Who sits in her cage, and always says hey,
and never goes away, you get mad then she'll stay.
And when we both play, we both realize,
you're meant for each other, let's see what you do.
You get it together, you stuck like some glue,
yall some nerds who play LARP, being weird in a park. Uh.
Track Name: Got Five; Got Ten
Man i've got 5 man i got 10
man she got 5 and she got 10
man we got 5, we feeling it, man this it.

To broke to get that dro, i wanna get some honey but i cant afford,
to lose this high cause you never know, reggie's all we can afford.
With no dollars in our pockets scrounging quarters by the door,
lets hit the coinstar man at the fucking Kroger's store.
What about the Swisher's? we'll steal 'em with the liquor,
man i'll flirt with the clerk, watch me kiss her and i'll kick her.
I got em man lets run, leave my morals with the sun,
man burning up and turning up
man the weed aint green man it's ferning up.

These niggas aint had enough, man Matthew wont you light this up?
I annote you with the trust man you hold that puff and you blow it up.
I think this weed it sucks, man thats not cool man what the fuck?
and after all of that, my high was just a bust.
The dealer looked to fake, should've kicked em his knuts,
and i want my money back, ayo we'll hit em with your truck.
My problems a little lifted, plus the status here has shifted,
i can light this with my finger so you know that i am gifted.
Track Name: Green Ranger
Fitting in and just standing out, nigga's know the ounce,
throwing out and just finding out, that you've been grinding out.
Your only social pillar, so you stay introverted,
flash that smile man on purpose, let em know that you are perfect.
So some really fine hoe, comes on over and she flirtin,
the feelings you're not hurtin, pull on over cause she jerkin.
Nobody likes the same, everyday we need some change,
just like Obama '08 i captivate and make it safe.
For you to be yourself, say your name and be okay,
to say that you are gay, it makes you honest and real great.
You've got your self respect, put that scarf around your neck,
you always stand out, just like the Green Ranger.

Pull out your dragon sword, a throwback to '94,
they all think you're a stranger, stand out like the Green Ranger x2
And then you blow

Man hi tops, low fade, and weed socks, man not hot,
man yall bop, and yall stop, ball drop and on top.
Yall all look the same consumerism is the game,
man all blak everyday, man all black that's the gang.
We don't set the trends, we just do it cause we like,
and we never get in fights people mad and they despise.
That's not my problem yo, i think your lost Gorilla Zoe,
you need to floss you dental hoe, and sniff this line this gentle snow.
I refuse to sell myself man I'll always be,
man I'd rather be low key, then to be on t.v.
I mean MTV thats the channel that just seems,
to start your damn career, maybe i should reconsider?

But i've never been a quitter, i've always persevered,
im screaming tall black, and loud hanging from a chandelier.
I'd rather be free wear my jeans they call me queer,
then to be some fucking lame who is always on the rear.
End of the problems, you've lost your true self,
you have no inspiration, and your people can't help.
When i was growing up you got laughed at cause your weird,
but nowadays if your not weird, then its a fear.
That you wont be cool, be alone up in the school,
but the cool ones crack jokes be quiet on their stool.
I never wanna be cool, i just wanna be me,
and stand out yo, just like the mutha fucking Green Ranger.
Track Name: The End
It's so sad, (so sad),
yet i'm still glad.
Because i came with my friends,
and we were looking rad x2

It's entertaining when you think when you wanna look back,
you forget the missteps my god your just blessed.
Forget all the stress let's open up my head,
and examine the veins what's my mental state.
I'm awkward as shit, and when I talk I just spit,
cause i've got a loose lip, man i've got a loose ship.
I need a new bitch, who's ready for the fame,
who's ready to quit the game, can you tell me my name?
I dress all weird and i never sip beer,
and you always look queer, my life i can't steer.
I miss my mom, and i hold her real near,
the one hard place where no one's been near.
I've still got a fear, that my life's drawing close,
when it ends? nobody knows, i'll tell you at the show.
The fire's in the sky and i think im feeling low,
never said i wouldn't go, allright pass me that blow.

I'm Z-RO when i rap, im Tre when i trap,
when i'm high i look back, i smile my first rap.
"Kick Push" came on, god damn that's my song,
i remember seeing that then okay i can rap.
I spit a couple bars and then soon came the laugh,
this nigga's really wack, you should rucking quit dude.
The noose is on, but that shit is fucking loose,
always blasting "Gin and Juice", yall miss then you snooze.
It took me sometime and then i fucking figured out,
i gotta be my own person, and make my own sound.
All these other nigga's suck , cause they're all fucking stuck,
on the same stupid bus, that the masses wanna drive.
But i've got my own ride, and now i'm feeling great,
cause i'm all by myself, that's what i want everyday.
Don't question the mind frame, my brain is scrambled what's today?
the sunglasses what the fuck i wanna say.