The Depressive Nation EP

by Matthew Reid

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This is a preview of "Matthew Reid's Tall, Dark, & Ugly" releasing most likely this fall. A lot of this material is new and as usual inspired by life.


released June 2, 2017

Written By: Matthew Reid
Produced By: kooliedscope, Matthew Reid, ATCQ, Blanck Mass, Organized Noize, The Dungeoun Family
Recorded: Oct. 2016- May 2017; 360 Recording Studio's (Houston, TX)]
Genre: Alternative Hip- Hop; Houston Rap
Audio Engineer: Jessica Garcia
Released: June 2, 2017
Influences: "Damn" by Kendrick Lamar; "Blouse" by Blouse; "Gemini" by Wild Nothing; "Black on Both Sides" by Mos Def



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Matthew Reid Houston, Texas

Matthew Reid is from Houston, Texas.

His influences include: Eminem, Common, Biggie, Kanye West, Outkast, and Lauryn Hill

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Track Name: Everytime (prod. by kooliedscope)
Written By: Matthew Reid February 15, 2017
Produced By: kooliedscope

Disappointment yup it starts with a D/ that's who I be Matthew Reid a mother loving fiend.
So you drop the fucking ball and your allies always scream/ you're the oldest of them all and your the one who's meant to lead.
The younger one's tough and he's picking up the mantle/ re-lighting the candle and theres nothing he can't handle.
The realty sucks and you try to run away/ but it comes back when they gotta call you that day.
You want some more time it's not fair so you pray/ but the answer you get back makes us all give up hope.
I like to rap a lot but my chance will never happen/ I wish we had the road where the critics stand up clapping.
A singer- songwriter her and I we should happen/ but I also have a curse so of course it doesn't happen.
Kill all the dragons and then break the curse/ man it wont matter they already payed for the hurst.
Can he fix his problems? we hate anxiety/ we hate that we have to take a pill everyday.
I wanna wake up and not embarrass myself/ jump out the car as I cut my seatbelt.
When we're off the meds we'll hang out with friends/ talk so damn nuch it'll make their head spin.
But when we're on the meds we're the saddest person ever/ wanna fucking die someone pulling life's lever.
You see? So what is the point?/ just hang himself but still smoke the joint?
Is it set in stone nigga always fucking stoned/ always smoking up a storm so you're never alone.
There was a dark cloud since the day you were born/ it always likes to rain so my life is forlorn.
And if this is the end I enjoyed it my friend/ make sure to sign off I made sure to leave a pen.
Track Name: The Losing Doctrine
Written By: Matthew Reid Sep. 18, 2016; Oct. 9, 2916
Produced By: Organized Noise, Outkast
Recorded: Oct. 2016 (360 Recording Studios Houston, TX)
Engineer: Jessica Garcia
Contains portions of: "ATLiens" by Outkast; "Around The World" by Attilio Mineo; "So Tired" by The Chamber Brothers

Yeah, yeah.
My name is Matthew Reid, and I'm a Houston MC.
And I'm also a loser
I said I'm also a loser
And this be the anthem

I'm just a talk black handsome with huge hispter frames
A tall mutha fucka who be rapping on your stage
I'm tall as hell, but still a damn loser
i choose her but somehow i feel like i will lose her
My life is going two ways caught up in two careers
My life is the car that the devil wanna steal
Plus I've got new black suits fresh cut up in the meetings
be cracking the wip having nightmares when I'm sleeping.
And then there''s my music I want this shit so bad
I want this shit so bad man i would take a fucking stab.
And then the worse of all of this man I'm losing her soft grab
I just wanna go back that black dress up on the grass.
The twenty life man here's whats fucking sad
Man the end is almost here and I'm still just fucking sad
All of us have a pass and these people man they just stamp em
And I'm a fucking loser my nigga man here's the anthem

Now, throw your hands in the aiya-re
and wave em like you just don't caya-re
And if you're still an Outkast been kicked up out your class
grab your beer and let me hear you say hellya-re

Now, throw your hands in the aiya-re
and wave em like you just don't caya-re
And if you kinda miss her know you'd still kiss her
grab your beer and let me hear you say hellya-re

When i was growing up I always had the worst of luck
my surroundings was nice but the school was really tough
The early 2000's had the Digimon outfit
suburbia bubble seeing drugs don't know about it
When middle school came had these braces on my face
got challenged about my race the fat snacks man everyday
My French Horn is cool quarterback the football team
then the dream it fucking snaps then its back to reality
Man high school and high tunes busting all the Hyrules
listening to Kanye I want my album on iTunes
Man it was a weird time but i still rip the rhyme
a mutha fucking loser that shit it still applies

I need to fucking make it
i wish that me and her was chilling just fucking naked.
My conscious is a levy this water life will break it
and Taylor's fucking off and I don't know how to fucking shake it
The amount of blunts I'm smoking I'm staring to turn Jamaican
with her red hair a sun dress on a vacation
But the dream it fucking stops its like ending your masturbation
man 'm still a fucking loser who's slaving but still just praying.
Track Name: Lungs
Written By: Matthew Reid December 28, 2016
Produced By: Blanck Mass

My name is Matthew and now that I have you/ I wanna get it through that if you want I will stab you.
My rhymes they belong with a statue/ i'm still the "King of The Beach" with the Wavves tattoo.
So, the other day man I was going through some photos/ I wanted to remember why the fuck I went loco.
I seen us together you had my LeBron warmup/ with your long hair and you smiled with no care.
And you had those certain eyes that made me laugh and just stare/
the hair was really dope and it was just a dumb dare.
And I realized that the hatred wasn't there/ I wish you really well you're doing good I can tell.
And me, well my life is a spell/ I'm hanging from a noose as the blood makes it loose.
They gave me a gun and they said I have the juice/
they wanted to go home but the owner was c0nfused.
This fucking rap shit I hope they know this is my muse/ I develop thick skin and I shoot down abuse.
And I wish that we could talk with some Pho' and speak the truth/ that even though I missed you I really missed you. It hurt
Track Name: The Interlude II
Written By: Matthew Reid February 28, 2017
Produced By: ATCQ

So here I come through as I lay out the problem/ god I miss Obama it's the problems I can't solve em.
I'm tired of this shit i'm stuck in my head/ as the face turns red I can't wait until I'm dead.
The rain is pouring down and you sneaking in your bed/ or your Trump in the beast as you practice for the feds.
Just leave me alone why these people like my poems/ why they wanna get a snipe and shoot away my dome.
Look out below, has it ran up/ 5 years ago you thought you had to give up.
Thought the income and the fun thought that you was living up/ but the sand ran out so you gotta get out.
It's Monday night your downtown with your friends/ head to the Rockets game try smoke before begin.
At a certain point your conscience falls asleep/ do you wanna leave and try to run the other team.
I love my iPhone and I'll miss some certain things/ but I no longer fly because my job broke my wing.
I'm suave and funny like my name is Chandler Bing/ and i'd give anything for Harden to win a ring.
The dreams to win a Grammy but I'm too far to the left/ I hate everyone and everyone has a bet.
To see which way that Matthew ends up the day/ drowning in the water that just suffocates the face.
The art is too black, and the voice is really white/ plus the girlfriends also white as you made her your wife.
Ive got my surfboard and we're riding the tide/ they'res "Hood Politics" but we'll still be "Alright"