The Losing Doctrine

by Matthew Reid



Written By: Matthew Reid Sep. 18, 2016; Oct. 9, 2916
Produced By: Organized Noise, Outkast
Recorded: Oct. 2016 (360 Recording Studios Houston, TX)
Engineer: Jessica Garcia
Contains portions of: "ATLiens" by Outkast; "Around The World" by Attilio Mineo; "So Tired" by The Chamber Brothers

Yeah, yeah.
My name is Matthew Reid, I'm still that Houston MC.
And I'm also a loser
I said I'm also a loser
And this be the anthem

I'm just a talk black handsome with huge hispter frames
A shy anxiety who be rapping on your stage
I'm fly as hell, but still a damn loser
i choose her but somehow i feel like i will lose her
My life is going two ways caught up in two careers
My life is the car that the devil wants to steer
Man I've got new black suits fresh cut up in the meetings
be cracking the wip having nightmares when I'm sleeping.
And then there's my music man I want this shit so bad
Man I want this shit so bad man i would take a fucking stab.
And then the worse of all of this man I'm losing her soft grasp
I just wanna go back that black dress up on the grass.
The twenty life man here's whats fucking sad
Man the end is almost here and I'm still just fucking mad
All of us have a pass and these people man they just stamp em
And I'm a fucking loser my nigga man here's our anthem now

throw your hands in the aiya-re
and wave em like you just don't caya-re
And if you're still an Outkast been kicked up out your class
grab your beer and let me hear you say hellya-re

Now, throw your hands in the aiya-re
and wave em like you just don't caya-re
And if you kinda miss her know you'd still kiss her
grab your beer and let me hear you say hellya-re

When i was growing up I always had the worst of luck
my surroundings was nice but the school was really tough
The early 2000's had the Digimon outfit
suburbia bubble seeing drugs don't know about it
When middle school came had these braces on my face
got challenged about my race the fat snacks man everyday
My French Horn was cool quarterback the football team
then the dream would fucking snaps then its back to reality
Man high school and high tunes busting all the Hyrules
listening to Kanye I want my album on iTunes
Man it was a weird time but i still rip the rhyme
a mutha fucking loser that shit it still applies

I need to fucking make it
i wish that me and her was chilling just fucking naked.
My conscious is a levy this water life will break it
and Taylor's fucking off and I don't know how to fucking shake it
The amount of blunts I'm smoking I'm staring to turn Jamaican
with her red hair a sun dress on a vacation
But the dream it fucking stops its like ending your masturbation
man I'm still a fucking loser who's slaving but still just praying.


released October 29, 2016



all rights reserved


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Matthew Reid Houston, Texas

Matthew Reid is from Houston, Texas.

His influences include: Eminem, Common, Biggie, Kanye West, Outkast, and Lauryn Hill


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